Kinda Summer

Erin McKenna ’18

It’s that awful time of the year again. The terrible couple of weeks in middle of May when its hot enough to be summer and yet you are stuck in a classroom. In almost every classroom, there is a countdown to summer on the chalkboard. The numbers slowly dwindle, but never fast enough to anyone’s liking.

As of right now, for the underclassmen, there are 9 days of regular school, and 3 exam days. For some schools, this is their last week. They think it is so funny to post snapchat stories of them laying by the pool, while everyone else is laying passed out on the couch after staying up all night finishing end of the year projects.

Sometimes, I feel summer in the air. Then, I remember all the homework I have, and the alarm that is set for 6:30 in the morning. That feeling is quickly replaced with the oppressive aura caused by spending 7 hours learning, and then bringing more work home with you.

For some reason, summer seems farther away now than ever. I have anticipated summer ever since the first day of school, and now its almost in my reach. But we still have 9 days and 3 exam days left. So close.

Looking back, freshmen year went by so fast. Of course, some months drug by, and I wasn’t sure if Spring Break would ever actually come. Now I am less than 2 weeks away from being a sophomore. I can’t wait to pass on the title of “Stupid Freshman” to the class of 2019.

When my strength starts to waver, I hear Mrs. Harvey’s words echoing in my head. It makes me laugh, then wonder if it’s possible to still #finishstrong if you fail all of your exams. Is #finishhesitantly a thing?

We have a total of 12 days left. Let’s go.

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