Awards day

By Emma Dougoud ’16

Awards Day was last Friday, and many of the seniors earned many awards. Most people hate awards days for many reasons, such as for one we have to dress up which is very annoying because you actually have to look nice for school and you have to wake up so much earlier than normal. Also, another reason that most people hate dress up days is because you have to sit in the gym for the longest time and the bleachers are very uncomfortable to sit on. And sometimes it gets really cold and since we are wearing dresses and stuff it makes it much colder. I also don’t like how you have to find an outfit the night before and you already wore everything to all the other dress up days so you have to find something else out of your closet.

Many of the seniors won a lot of awards. All different kinds, perfect attendance, sports awards, Catherine McAuley award, the art awards, and all different subjects of the academic awards from all different classes. Some things I like about awards day are you actually get to feel pretty at school and also if you go out that night you don’t have to worry about dressing up and getting ready for that night. Even though awards day can be super boring I like how we recognize all the seniors on their accomplishments. And I like how they have the freshman, sophomores, and juniors on the other days.

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