Bad sportsmanship

By Emma Dougoud ’16

This past weekend I went to Lexington for a basketball tournament. We did okay. But we played really well and that is all that matters. During one game, I experienced a really bad player with bad sportsmanship. During the game we were going for a jump ball, and she flung me on the ground and ended up kicking me in the face and had a bloody nose for a good 10 minutes. My coach didn’t want to put me back in the game but I had to make him because i wanted to play against that girl again one last time. The game all ended well because we won by 20. She got what she deserved. Bad sportsmanship just shows of the player you truly are and you cant take people because you never know if your gonna end up getting beat up. You don’t want to pick up with the wrong girl and get in the bad situation. And I would hate a team member like that, especially if all she wanted to do on the basketball court was to fight.

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