By Caroline Steinmetz’17

After weeks of anticipation and 5 leaked singles TwentyOne Pilots album, Blurryface, is now officially available for purchase. The unique soundtrack is different from anything fans have ever heard before from this Columbus bound band. The band’s previous albums Vessel, Twenty One Pilots, and Regional at Best, build up to Blurryface and help connect the music styles together.

Blurryface consists of 14 songs ranging from upbeat catchy indie-pop tunes like Tear in my Heart to sad anthems like Goner. All the songs have a different sound to them which is what makes the album so unique. The band, unable to contain their excitement. released 5 singles off the album before the release date. Fairly Local was the first single released on March 16, 2015. Grace Dearing’17 said, “I like Fairly Local so much because it was so different from their old music.” After that release Tear in my Heart hit the radio. This song, my personal favorite, immediately caused a shock wave. The difference between the two singles amazed the fans, causing even more excitement for May 19th, the release date for Blurryface. Stressed Out, leaked April 28th, followed Tear in My Heart with ease. This single was released with a hilarious music video of the members posing as kids, reflecting on their childhood. Lane Boy and Ride were the last two singles released before the album became available. Lane Boy was released May 3rd leaving Ride, the last to be leaked, released on May 4th.

I highly suggest you listen to Blurryface on your car ride home today. The unique style, catchy songs, and meaningful lyrics make it a great album to check out.

Check out Blurryface now!

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