Exam Struggles

By:Bridget Hellmann ’16

As the year comes to a close we can take time and reflect on everything we have learned. Literally, EVERYTHING we have learned. Yes that’s right fellow Bobcats, it’s everyone favorite day(s) of the year exams! Exams can be good though, if you’re looking for a way to boost your fourth quarter grade a few points. But for most, final exams are the most dreaded things of the school year. If you are one of the chosen ones who has scored a 93 or higher for your year average congrats to you but remember to keep all of your fallen Bobcats in mind as you get to sleep in and enjoy an early start to your summer.

Below is a list entitled “Exam Struggles” that I feel we can all relate to:

  • When you miss getting exempt from an exam by one point (or .3)
  • When after taking the exam it raises your year average to a 93 or higher.
  • Having a 50+ point project due right before exams but it doesn’t count as your exam
  • Only having to take the first and last exam but having to stay at school for the  middle exam
  • Having to take 1 exam on each day
  • Only having to come in for one exam because the teacher doesn’t exempt
  • Finding out that you’re the only girl in your class who has to take the exam
  • Having to take all of your exams
  • Finishing your exam really quickly and then having to stay in the classroom until the exam period ends
  • Regretting not studying for tests throughout the year because “you would’ve been exempt if you actually tried”
  • Getting the exam days mixed up and studying for the wrong one
  • Forgetting that you can’t use pen on a scantron and not realizing until after you turned it in
  • Accidentally going to the wrong lunch and making everyone wait on you to start the exam

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