Summer 2K15

By Emma Dougoud ’16

I am sure the students and staff here at Mother of Mercy all have many plans for the summer. Some may include vacations, Netflix, sports, swimming, sleeping in till however late you want, and much more. But something that ruins that thought before school is out is…. Exams. But I am not here to talk about exams

I’m here to talk about summer!Summer is a time of relaxation and not worrying about anything but yourself. Well that’sto me at least. But unfortunately, for me, this summer is filled with so many differentthings. I will have no time for myself because all I will be doing is, going on collegevisits, basketball, camps, and more basketball. The only time I will really have a break is when I go to Gulf Shores, Alabama for 5 days. We had to cut our vacation short because I have to be back for… Can you take a guess? Basketball!!!!

But at least I won’t have to worry about school this summer, till about August which that’s when school starts and when you have to start working on school work. So I really don’t have a summer, but I want everyone to have a great summer and to stay safe! And I will see you all next year!

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