The new and improved Ashley

By Emma Dougoud ’16

Ashley Roether ’16 recently made a big decision in her life. Ashley has had bangs sinceshe came out the womb. Most people point her out in the crowd as the girl with the sideswoop bangs. While Ashley had bangs she was very particular on how her bangs looked. The amount of hairspray Ashley had used on her bangs was outrageous. But the amount of money she spent money on hairspray outweighs that.

After talking to Ashley, she said she it is one of the biggest decisions and changes she’s ever had to make. When I came in to school on Monday, I had no idea she had done it.

In a group chat that I am in with my friends someone texted me and said, “Ashley has no more bangs, I repeat Ashley has no more bangs.” I couldn’t believe this. So I walked into homeroom as soon as I got to school, and I couldn’t find Ashley anywhere. But that is only because I didn’t recognize her at first and she was in her normal spot everyday.

All of the junior class knows Ashley for her bangs, so seeing this was very astonishing.Ashley tells us, that she loves her new hairstyle, but just doesn’t know how to style itbecause she is so used to having the bangs, she doesn’t know what to do. And also nobody knew Ashley had a forehead…. Well we did nobody has just never seen it so that was also a big shock. But as long as Ashley is happy we are all happy.

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