Flashback to the start of freshman year

Last July I was an overly excited fourteen year old girl ready to start high school. I was finally stepping up in the world, grade school was now behind me. I could now start what I was told would be the best four years of my life. As well as being excited I remember being really nervous and worried too. I was nervous about going to my first high school soccer training. It was a camp for incoming 7th, 8th, and 9th graders and I was worried because I didn’t think I would know anyone. I didn’t think making new friends would be easy, and I was worried it would be to hard. To my surprise making new friends was easy and It wasn’t as bad as I imagined it (at least the camp wasn’t). Conditioning on the other hand was rough, but with my new friends by my side, it made everything easier.

Once August arrived I got my class schedule and I spent the whole day calling people. Every time I found out someone was in one of my class I jumped in the air and started cheering. Everyday after that I grew more and more anxious to start school. Yes part of me wanted it to stay summer forever, just like I wished every other year, but there was something about going to high school that made it okay for summer to be over.

By the time the “first” day of school (freshman orientation) came around I was so anxious and excited I couldn’t contain myself. I remember checking in that morning and everyone getting a name tag with a number on it. I went around to basically every person I knew checking if they had my same number. I ended up finding out that two of my wonderfully awesome friends had my number. It wasn’t until later I found out that the number meant they were in my freshman focus group.

Throughout the school year freshman focus was one of those groups that really helped me overcome the daily struggles of life and make it through freshman year. It was a place where I felt okay expressing my problems and had the sense of home whenever I was with them. The people in my group helped me feel at home and truly embrace high school. (SHOUTOUT TO GROUP 6, love you all!!)




Now my freshman year is about over. I have a bittersweet feeling about it. I really want to be a freshman forever and never leave high school but at the same time I am ready to take the next step and no longer be the “kittens” (youngsters of the school). Freshman year has been great, its everything I could have hoped for! But it’s time to take the next step. Sophomore year here I come!

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