LaSalle band prepares for a magical experience

By Jessica Whitman ’18

The Pride of LaSalle marching band will be leaving for Disney on June 8th and staying there until June 13th. One of the first days that they are there they will be marching in a parade. During this parade the entire band will play a march entitled Men of Ohio and the drums will cadence. The color guard will be dancing to the music with pom poms.
We began practicing for this on Monday from 4-6. The winds, drums, and guard each practiced the music (or dancing for guard) on their own for this entire practice. On Wednesday we met again at the same time, minus our wonderful guard. Everyone warmed up with their section for about a half hour, then we made the long journey back to La Salle’s soccer fields, where we familiarized ourselves with marching and playing, something we hadn’t done since the championship game. An hour and a half of marching around a soccer field playing the same song soon whipped us into shape. As long as everyone continues to practice individually I have no doubt that we will be magical in Disney.

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