Best Class Ever

Ann Marie Nuckols ’18

” Digital Journalsim,” two words I have never thought of putting together before my freshman year, now they are the two words that I never want to hear separated again.

This class is by far what helped me get through the horrible classes and my freshman year. Three people that made this class what it is are; Mrs. David, Olivia Short, and Kristen Gandenburger. (sorry if I spelled your name wrong).

Mrs. David: “I always have a Diet Coke” 🙂

Mrs. David is the person that was behind the scenes. She checked the editiors work and made sure that the paper came out before the deadline and the month ended. Mrs. David is an amazing, sarcastic YOUNG women and a wonderful teacher. She is also the donor for our tiny budget and is a great bussiness manager when we need her to be .  We never could have gotton the paper to look good if it wernt for all the hours she donated to the Digital Journalism cause.

Olivia Short ’17: “I Should start my own cooking channel”

Olivia Short, sometimes refered to as “strawberry SHORTcake. (You would understand if you talked to her). Olivia brough the young vibrant vibe to that class. If you know her you know that this is just a part of her expecially special personality. Short edited our blog and gave us good ideas when we needed them. She had a notebook packed full of  ideas in her mind and they were all graet. She always knew how to find the right words to describe what you were writing about. In fact she will probably find some flaws in this post. (It’s a normal occurrence with me). She is ther person who held the blog together.

Kristen Gandenburger: “My name has no cool” and “YEAT”- that is how she spells it, not me.

Krristen is sadly graduating this year. 😦 From lying on the floor to not being able to sit down, she always had great ideas found in her red composition notebook. Kristen edited our paper, laid out the paper, and did other things with the help of the other two superb women mentioned above.  There are so many things that this gal says and does that makes her who she is. There is even a blog post about her! Kristen pushed us to get our articles into her before the deadline and made sure that we had something to write about. As Kristen goes onto college, we will always have her picture looking over us and her lasting imprint on this class. I promise you Kristen that someone will interview a nun and we will send the paper to yoyu in college. Good Luck Kristen!

Without these people we would have; never made deadlines, got to the printer,  had the discussions that we did, and never would have made this my favorite class ever. Thank you!

P.S. We are looking for people to pay their newspaper dues by May 32nd of this year.

P.P.S It’s just a joke, but really pay your dues. 🙂

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