By Liz Neville ’15

All throughout the country, seniors everywhere are conjuring up their greatest pranks to lay on their school upon graduation. Maybe you’re a senior looking for a last minute  prank or an underclassman trying to devise the best prank of all time.

Here are some ideas to spark your brain:

  1. Put up a giant “For Sale” sign in front of the school–who wouldn’t love seeing a listing of the school??
  2. Bring your pet to school–dogs, cats, birds, whatever floats your goat?
  3. Create a car maze in the parking lot.
  4. Trade classes with another school– McAuley, Seton? Any takers?
  5. Get everyone together for a large group nap in one of the hallways– it would barricade other students and teachers and you would get a nice relaxing nap.
  6. Fill the entire hallway with balloons– remember no latex, Mercy.
  7. Create a flash mob
  8. Dress up a cardboard celebrity cut-out in a cap and gown for graduation
  9. Ask a farmer for 15 cows and release them in the school.
  10. Place and fill Dixie Cups of water and put them all over the ground throughout the school.

Beware, Mercy. BEWARE.

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