By Liz Neville ’15

While being a vital asset to my cousin’s wedding (reader of petitions), I learned some very important things during my big break that should be shared.

DO: Plan an outfit appropriate for reading petitions

DONT: Wear anything too flashy, trashy, or clashy towards the bride.

DO: Arrive early so you get a good seat

DONT: Procrastinate, nothing worse than not being able to see in a crowded church.


DO: Know how to walk in heels

DONT: Pretend like you know how to walk in heels and almost trip on your way up to read the petitions



DONT: Wing it. It would be very embarrassing to mispronounce a word in front of 200+ people.


DO: Remember to turn the microphone on

DONT: Start talking without knowing if the microphone is on/off


DO: Make sure you are breathing while reading the petitions

DONT: Forget to breathe and pass out while you are reading in front of 200+ people


DO: Remember to talk at a slower pace so you can be understood.

DONT: Talk so fast that no one knows what you are saying.


DO: Smile once you are finished with your petitions

DONT: Wish that you had a bigger part of the wedding. Being the petition reader is a gift!


DO: Walk back to your pew with confidence. Say to yourself, “I just killed those petitions! No one in the history of time has ever read petitions better than me!”

DONT: Walk back to your seat with the walk of shame

DO: Have a great time at the rest of the wedding and the reception; eat the wonderful food and dance your heart out!! 🙂


Leah & Phil loved their petition reader

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