is expensive makeup really worth it?

Giorgia Close ’16

Everyone who wears makeup has stepped into the Sephora at Kenwood and thought, ‘Do I really need a $40 contour kit when I can buy one for $5 at Target?’, or, ‘Does the name really make it better, or are the companies lying to me?’ Deciding on wether or not to dole out a chunk of cash for a small tube of mascara or a palette of blush can be one of the hardest decisions that you have to make, especially if you’ve never tried a specific brand of makeup before, but there is a glimmer of hope. We’ve tracked down the more popular brands of drugstore makeup, and are setting them against what I have from my weekly trips to Sephora at home.

One of the better known makeup brands of drug store makeup is Mabelline. The classic Dream Liquid Mousse runs about $10 for a bottle at any local store that sells makeup. Cover FX and Too Faced: Born This Way both run $40 at the Sephora. Mabelltoo-faced-born-this-way-foundation-review-2ines Dream Mousse can work just as well as the Too Faced and Cover FX, though it does leave a vaguely greasy shine before finishing powder. Too Faced and Cover FX both feel very light on the skin and have a matte finish. They also leave your face soft after the removal. Winner: Either could work, but if you have especially greasy skin, go for the Too Faced.

bombshell volume by Covergirl is $7-8, followed by lash blast volume at $9. Cheater! mascara by The Balm is $18 at Kohls. Both the Covergirl brands clump easily after the third coat, making your lashes stick together after you apply it. Cheater! has a thick brush which easily collects the mascara, no ntheBalm-Cheater-Mascaraeed for extra pumping. Cheater! and Covergirl both come in black, dark brown, and brown After wearing the Covergirl out in the heat, it melted and made my eyes sting while Cheater! was like a war horse. Winner: Go for the more expensive mascara, especially if you have sensitive eyes. You wouldn’t buy contacts for $3, why settle for anything less?

e.l.f liner can be found at Target for $1 a bottle, while The Balm has Schwing! for $17. Both can be found in black as well as a dark brown. Schwing! features a nice felt tip brush that is simple to create simple liner or wings with. e.l.f comes with an actual brush, a bit more difficult to use. Brush tip eyeliners are generally not the fave because the hairs can get wrinkled easily and make the brush useless. e.l.f went on very thin, neading more than 2 coats to get a nice black colour on your eye. Near the corners, it also wore off easily and seems very watery. Schwing!theBalm-Schwing-4 went on black with one swipe, and was super simple to make wings with. One coat of Schwing! can get you through a full day. Winner: Either. If you buy e.l.f, be prepared to re-apply halfway through the day, but for $1 its the best deal you can get. Schwing! is good for a long day where you might not have time to apply more than once, and can be worn through hot temperatures and concerts without smearing. (Trust me. I wore it through 3 days of Bunbury in July.)

Pixi’s eyebrow pencil and gel can run at $12 and can be purchased at Target, while Anastasia Beverly Hills is $18 for a pencil at Sephora. Eyebrows are one of the most important features on your face. They can express your feelings with simple motions, and everyone wants to have thAnastasia-Beverly-Hills-Brow-Wiz8e perfect arch. Pixi comes in 4 colours, light to dark brown shades, and has a wand and a pencil. ABH comes in 12 colours, light to dark brown, different shades of red, and black, and is a simple pencil. Pixi’s wand clumps up easily, so its virtually useless. The pencil is extremely light and you have to press hard to get a simple line. ABH, however, is the perfect pencil. Goes on very vibrantly, and conceals the off colours that don’t match the pencil. Very simple to use, and is the best pencil I’ve ever found. Winner: Anastasia Beverly Hills, all the way. The pencil lasts a long time and can be found in any shade you need. Why mess with perfection?

So not every piece of makeup needs to be expensive, but where it counts, it really counts. Some times you may feel like you’re buying the brands name rather than the product, but you can feel a difference. Buying drugstore makeup is absolutely fine, and I use it all the time, but once you walk into Sephora, be prepared to leave with an empty bank account.

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