Real thoughts on Start Something That Matters


IMG_0187Summer homework is two words that most students dread hearing. I am in that category of students who dread summer homework, yet I love to read so I was excited about Start Something That Matters by Blake Mycoskie.

Summer finally started and the last thing on my mind was summer homework. Around the beginning of July my mom bought the book, and advised me to read it early so I didn’t leave it to the last minute. I ignored my mom’s advice for a couple of weeks, but then finally gave in and decided to begin the book around mid-July. After about the first fifty pages I realized that this book wasn’t going to live up to my expectations. The rest of the book was a challenge to finish, but I eventually did finish the book.

I have mixed feelings about the book. I loved how excited the author was to tell his story. You could really tell how passionate Blake was about TOMS. I didn’t like the book because it was more of a biography with lots of examples, and I prefer stories with an actual plot and conflict. I didn’t find the book exciting, and I feel as if all the examples didn’t add a lot to the story.

I wanted to find out if my classmates enjoyed or disliked the book, and here are some of the quotes I have collected about Start Something That Matters.

“I thought it was okay, but didn’t think it really reached out to people our age that much.”- Anonymous

“I hated it because Blake Mycoskie had rich parents to bail him out in case his shoe project failed, so he never took any risks.”-Anonymous

“I liked it because it told about many different, everyday people starting something that will make a difference.”- Madeline Siegel ‘19

“I’m not planning on starting a business right now so what’s the point.”- Anonymous

“I felt like I couldn’t relate to the book which is why I didn’t like it.”-Katie Froehle ‘19

Most of the comments I received when asking people about the book were negative. I’m pretty sure we can agree that Blake should stick to making more shoes and not writing books.

Grace Garbsch ’18

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