Harvest Home Horse Show

You could say I’m obsessed with Harvest Home Fair, and I’d agree with no shame. I’m lucky to have my entire family on the horse show executive committee so I get to hear about all the show changes in the summer. For those of you that don’t know (which is bad, everyone should know) the fair is September 11-13. All the changes below will be on Saturday.
Some small changes this year will be an open costume class for ages 11+ that I am super excited about. Also there will be a couple changes to the list of fun classes, this includes “trot for cash”, which will be really fun.
Other staples in the fun classes every year are the sack race: two kids in a sack leading a horse (lots of poop face plants in that one). The favorite is the donut race, which is completely unexplainable and if you want to know what I’m talking about you absolutely must watch.

This year there’s a big change, a vintage carriage demo! If you’re a horse show junkie like me, you would know that there was a demo last year. This year the committee pulled out all the contacts and there’s going to be many more carriages!
You would probably think I’m crazy for being so excited about a carriage demo, but this is really cool. I definitely recommend watching for anyone who even remotely likes horses. This is also really great because there haven’t been any driving demos (besides my family’s Belgians) for decades.
If you want to watch the carriage demo, I recommend coming down to the horse show viewing area around 6:20. However, if you want to watch the hilarious fun classes I would come earlier. At 6:30 the Wegman Belgian Four Horse Hitch will come out and do a demo and you might catch a glimpse of yours truly. Right after that, they will do the antique carriage demo!
If you’re interested in the horse show go to harvesthomefair.com where you can find all the info. You can also meet some of the horses and see the wagons and harness by going to the Wegman family tent accessible through the general exhibits tents!
Katie Wegman ’18

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