Shadow to Freshman; What’s the Difference?

Shadowing a high school.  The most exciting day for and eighth grade student.  Getting to spend an entire day with high-schoolers, eating way better cafeteria food than at your grade school, and most of all getting to make your OWN decision on where to spend the next four years of your school career.

But what’s the difference between a shadow experience and actually being a current student?  As a shadow, you get to follow around a really nice and welcoming student from the high school and try and get a feel for the school.  For me, personally, as great as my shadow visit was, there is nothing like being a current student and feeling like you are a total part of The Circle of Mercy.  As you walk through the halls as a freshman at Mercy there is probably a 50% chance that you were nervous, and for some, a 50% chance that you were totally confident that you will fit in at Mercy.

No matter what, Mercy will make you feel at home and welcome you and open doors that you will carry with you even after you graduate.  The most significant difference is, well there isn’t any huge difference.  Either way you will be welcomed into the Mercy community.  I’d say just recognizing the sense of unity you feel when you are an official student at Mercy and have committed to 4 years of cherished memories to go along with it!

A shadow, or a current Mercy student. Either way you get to eat good food and discover or participate in the wonderful elements of Mother of Mercy High School.

Christina Huber’19


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