The Hills are Alive with the Sound of Mercy, Auditions this Week

Auditions for Mother of Mercy’s fall production, The Sound of Music, take place this week on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday!  Students were asked to perform a monologue from The Sound of Music and sing their hearts out to a song they chose to feature their voice.  There’s no doubt that the judges heard a wide range of songs as simple as Do Re Mi.

Students ranging from the freshman to the seniors that have a passion for performing prepared to display their talent by practicing numerous times until the monologue or song becomes second nature.  It’s all about putting your talent to the test.

Although auditioning can be pretty nerve-racking (coming from experience), it was a great experience for our new drama teacher and theater director to get a feel for the amazing talent that Mercy has to offer.  There is nothing like twisted feeling of nerves and excitement before the elements of preparing for a show kick in.  Also the antcipation for the cast list to be posted!

Years and years of theater experience or not, this next production of The Sound of Music will be one to remember!  As we embark on yet another Mother of Mercy performance in the Sr. Mary Carlos Theater, we remember that Mercy is our homeland forever and that we have the confidence to climb every mountain!

Christina Huber’19

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