WEBN Fireworks 2015

This year marked the 39th year for the WEBN fireworks. They took place at 9:05pm on Sunday at the end of Riverfest. The fireworks have been a staple in Cincinnati since 1977, but this year was almost the last for the iconic event. The fireworks were sponsored by Toyota for thirty years, then Cincinnati Bell since 2007. This was Cincinnati Bell’s last year as a sponsor and without a sponsor there’s no way to pay for the fireworks. This year Western Southern stepped up to sponsor the fireworks. That’s great news, but not so much if you don’t go down to Riverfest.

The fireworks sadly weren’t on TV this year. They are broadcast through iHeartRadio and the local TV stations didn’t renew their contract with iHeartRadio, even though the fireworks were the most watched program on TV last year. It’s unclear if the fireworks will be in your living room next year, but they will be down at the river, for a 40th year!

Katie Wegman ‘18


A brigade of boats get ready for the fireworks. Photo courtesy Sara Ruberg ’18.


A firework explodes behind the Roebling Suspension Bridge. Photo Courtesy Sara Ruberg ’18.

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