Cross Country: The Underrated Sport

Stephanie Conners ’18

Mercy’s cross-country team isn’t one that is normally talked about but it should be.  It is a great sport and Mercy’s team does very well at their meets.  This weekend the team competed in not one, but two cross country meets.  Half of the team ran at at Princeton in Milford, Ohio.  The other half made the long, four hour drive to the Tiffin Cross Country Carnival at Boyer Park in Tiffin, Ohio.  At the carnival there are two divisions.  Division A includes about 37 teams and is the more competitive race.  Division B is less competitive with about 30 teams.  Of Mercy’s team that  attended this race, there were people in both divisions.  The other meet in Milford was a smaller meet with only 4 teams.  Mercy came in 3rd.  We still don’t know what happened at the carnival, but this will be updated when we know.  I thought it would be interesting to get some of the sophomore runners’ opinions about  the sport and how they prepare.


“How  do you prepare for a meet?”

“I eat healthy, drink lots of water and get lots of sleep.” – Jenna Brady ‘18

“I put my stuff in a bag and find as much food as possible.” –Jessica Whitman ‘18

“I send my teammates inspirational quotes.” –Emma Cummings “18

“Death.” –Katie Wegman ‘18

“How do you feel before a meet?”

“I’m always nervous, but excited at the same time.” –Jenna

“I feel like I am going to puke and die.” –Jessica

“Like I’m going to have a panic attack.” -Emma

“Death.” –Katie

“Like I’m going to throw up.” – Lucy Milazzo ‘18

“How do you feel after you have finished a race?”

“I’m tired but I feel good that I finished the race and did well.” –Jenna

“Like I’m going to die.” -Jessica

“I feel accomplished but slightly dead.” –Emma

“Death.” –Katie

“I feel very accomplished.” –Lucy

“Why do you like cross country?”

“I like it because I enjoy running and it helps me stay in shape.  I also enjoy seeing my teammates everyday.” –Jenna

“To prepare for a zombie apocalypse.” -Jessica

“The team!” –Emma

“So I can be prepared when I die.” -Katie

“After I run I can eat ALL the food.” –Lucy

Even though running 3.1 miles can be challenging and even make the runners feel like they are going to die, they can all agree that cross country is a great sport and they really enjoy it.  No one enjoys running over 3 miles and even more at practice everyday but they do it because they love the team and the sport and wouldn’t change a thing.  Cross country doesn’t always get the recognition it deserves  but the runners love every mile.

Team celebrates another great meet

Team celebrates another great meet

Even the Mercy Bobcat loves cross country

Even the Mercy Bobcat loves cross country

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