Golf Swings into GGCL Tournament

Sara Ruberg ’18

   You may have noticed a few empty seats in your classes on September 8th. Either they were sick or most likely playing in the GGCL golf tournament. This year it took place at Weatherwax golf course. Golfers tee’d off at 10:00 A.M. 

At the tournament there were six different schools; St. Ursula, Ursuline, McAuley, Seton, MND, and our very own Mother of Mercy. Each group of golfers had three girls within them.

   A couple Freshman were able to represent Varsity golf team during the tournament, including Rachel Hummel and Erin Tedtman. The lowest score for Mercy was by Tedtman with a score of 90. Although the girls played their best, Mercy placed in fourth and Ursuline became the champions of the GGCL golf tournament.

Jordan Schwiers ’18 explained her thoughts on the teams effort at the match, “The competition was hard but we played well.”


Rachel Hummel ‘19 playing during the GGCL tournament. Photo Courtesy Lindsay Eichhold ’18.

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