Fall Festivities at Judson Village

On Wednesday, September 16th, Mercy Key Club got ready for some fall fun with the residents at Judson Village Retirement Home.  The Key Club is very active in using every opportunity to do service and give the students experiences that will be helpful in the future.  It teaches them that it’s always important to have a caring personality and to recognize what it truly means to serve and make others happy with their actions.

Club members got to know the residents and made a colorful homemade pumpkin craft by hand.  As the members chatted with the residents, they got to enjoy the feeling of the soon to come fall season.  From getting to do something different and getting to use the glitter glue (which was really exciting for them:),the residents enjoyed the visit so much many of them said, “When will you all be back?”  The Key Club is hoping to visit Judson Village again for Christmas time fun! Who doesn’t like to do fall and Christmas crafts and make a new friend that will have you laughing for the entire visit.  I mean c’mon!

 Saying goodbye was one of the hardest parts for the residents.  They really enjoyed the presence of the high school students and high school students had a great time spending time with the residents.  If you are in Key Club and are interested in joining the fun at our potential Christmas visit, information will be updated soon!

Christina Huber’19


Hannah, one of the residents at Judson Village, decorates her pumpkin with leaves and a “festival of fall colors.”

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