Coffee? Yes Please!

Coffee lover? Me too. I love coffee and anything caffeinated and I’m always searching out good little coffee shops that aren’t Starbucks or Dunkin’ Donuts. So I’ve decided to help a girl out. We went searching for the best coffee shops in Cincy. These are the most highly rated, non-chain, coffee shops in the Tri-State area. I will be ranking them in 4 categories: atmosphere, coffee, menu, and neighborhood. I will rank this out of 5 stars and then average it for the final score. May the best coffee shop win.


4.9 stars on Google.

6407 Bridgetown Rd.

Atmosphere: 3.5

Coffee: 4.5

Menu: 3

Neighborhood: 4

Overall: 3.75

I love this coffee shop. Highly, highly recommend for anyone to visit. It’s the closest to my house so we’re very tight. It has coffee, cupcakes, and ice cream. What’s not to love? They also have lunch ;).

Cafe Desales

4.8 stars on Google

2835 Woodburn Ave.

Atmosphere: 3.2

Coffee: 3

Menu: 3.7


My mom and sister read while enjoying drinks.

Neighborhood: 2.9

Overall: 3.2

I didn’t really like this coffee shop because it was far away and the coffee wasn’t very good. But the staff was very nice. I recommend for whoever’s in the neighborhood but I didn’t love it enough to track out here again.

Coffee Emporium

4.5 on Google

3316 Erie Avenue

Atmosphere: 4.3

Coffee: 3

Menu: 3

Neighborhood: 4.2

Overall: 3.6

This was not a coffee shop that I was going to check out originally but I’m so glad that I did. This was the cutest coffee shop that I’ve ever been to. It was indoor outdoor and had no couches but I don’t care. I loved this coffee shop. There was two different outdoor spaces, both were adorable. I loved it. The neighborhood in which Coffee Emporium was located was Hyde Park. We did get lost a time or two on the way to this coffee shop but as long as you enter the address and don’t just tell Siri the name of the coffee shop, you should be good to go. Over all the coffee shop was one of my favorites of all time and I will definitely be hitting it up again. The 3.6 rating for this shop is heartbreaking, I would have rated it higher. The best in my book so far.

College Hill Coffee Company

4.4 on Google

6128 Hamilton Ave

Atmosphere: 3.3

Coffee: 3.3

Menu: 2.6

Neighborhood: 2.6

Overall: 2.95
This was one of those street corner cafes; not really a coffee shop more like a cafe. The name of the restaurant was misleading. It says it’s a coffee house but it’s a cafe. Label it correctly please! The atmosphere was very Halloween and there were fall and Halloween decorations everywhere. But there was a couch so points there. It was like Cracker Barrel and a coffee house had a baby. So to finish up, it was okay but not good enough that I would come back, or take anyone with me if I ever did.

Drum roll please….. Aromas wins! They won with a 3.75. A very close race. Congratulations to our winner. I loved touring local coffee shops and spreading the love of caffeine. Keep calm and drink coffee!


Grace Ehrhardt ‘19

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