Mercy throws a Big Birthday Bash

Sara Ruberg ’18

  Happy 100th Birthday Mercy! If you have not heard about the 100 years of Mercy, which has been the talk of the school, this time 100 years ago the Sisters of Mercy created our very own High School. Although, it was not the school you see today. Mother of Mercy Academy was much smaller, the tech wing and gym building were not built until much later. Also, instead of the third floor being used for classes, the students and nuns actually lived there!

  In order to properly celebrate Mercy Day for the 100th time, the stairs got a makeover, a party was organized for Saturday, September 19th, and daily tweets were sent to countdown the days to Mercy Day from 100 to 0 (below I have chosen a few of my personal favorites). At the birthday bash, there will be a Mass to kick off the party, then food trucks/booths will be set up, and a live band will play all in our front Mercy circle.  

  Mercy students have been preparing for the centennial celebration since last school year. They have read about it, written about it, set up the 100th Mercy Gala, experienced the ribbon cutting, watched the 100th class of Mercy graduate, had the sheriff hang half way out of a helicopter to get a picture of all the students awkwardly standing shoulder to shoulder as they formed the shape “100” across the front Mercy lawn, have sung the “Circle of Mercy” about one hundred times, and have had the numbers 1915-2015 printed across every t-shirt, sweatshirt, and jacket.

  Obviously, the students and faculty care very much about their school and love the Mercy spirit, but this birthday bash is a time for all the faculty and student body to really take in and enjoy the last BIG centennial celebration. Even if you have volunteered to work, have fun and keep in mind this only happens once every 100 years!

My top ten favorite countdown tweets, courtesy of the Twitter page @MMHBobcats1:

IMG_1343 (1)     IMG_1346       IMG_1344

IMG_1347     IMG_1345      IMG_1348

IMG_1349      IMG_1350       IMG_1351


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