Lights, Camera, Cincy!

Stephanie Conners ’18

Believe it or not Cincinnati has become a popular place for big Hollywood movies to film in.  We may think that our city, affectionately known as the “Nasty ‘Nati,” is one of the most boring places on earth, but Hollywood seems to think otherwise.  It’s not just C-list actors and directors coming to our humble city.   Stars including Nick Jonas, Mariah Carey, and Bruce Willis, to name a few, thought that our city was the perfect fit to serve as the setting to their big Hollywood movies!

Nick Jonas is starring in "Goat"

Nick Jonas is starring in “Goat”

Goat by Brad Land is being adapted into a movie

Goat by Brad Land is being adapted into a movie

As many of us already know, last May Nick Jonas was in town filming a movie called “Goat” produced by James Franco.  This movie is based on a book written by Brad Land.  It is about a freshman in college and his brother joining a fraternity and the hazing that they experience.  This movie is from the Killer Films production company. “Goat” will be the company’s third movie to use Cincinnati as their home base.  Producer Christine Vachon said, “The Film Commission, the rebate, locations, infrastructure and film-friendly people of Cincinnati-have brought us back again.”  There is still no word on when this movie will be released but it is in post-production and we should be getting a release date soon.

James Franco is producing 2 movies in Cincinnati this year

James Franco is producing 2 movies in Cincinnati this year

A few weeks after they announced “Goat” another announcement was made that James Franco would be producing another movie in Cincinnati!  This movie, “The Long Home,” will be filmed in Hamilton, Butler County, and Cincinnati.  The film still has no start date but it is a low-budget film based on a novel by William Gay.  The movie takes place in the 40s and is about Dallas Harden, a violent bootlegger causing chaos around town.  If you are interested in being an extra in a Hollywood film, they are looking for local people to apply.  All you have to do is send a head shot to


Mariah Carey announced she will be directing “Melody & Mistletoe,” in the Cincinnati area.  This came a week after it was announced that Bruce Willis is also coming to Cincy to film his latest action film, “Marauders.”  “Melody & Mistletoe,” is the fourth movie to be filmed in Cincinnati this year.  Extras looking to be in this movie should email

Grammy winner, Mariah Carey is directing a Christmas themed movie later this year

Grammy winner, Mariah Carey is directing a Christmas movie later this year

In 2015 alone four movies were or are going to be filmed here, and in 2014 three movies chose Cincinnati as their home.  What is it about Cincinnati that attracts so many major motion pictures?  Multiple production companies said that the atmosphere and the locals are what make Cincinnati a desirable film location.  Ohio tax credit is strong too so, bringing movie productions to Cincinnati is becoming more and more popular.  I know that I always thought that big celebrities never even knew where Cincinnati was, but I was proven wrong.  Many influential people in the film industry have heard of Cincinnati and decided that our humble city in southwestern Ohio was capable of hosting many Hollywood films.  Hopefully the trend continues and more and more movies will come to Cincinnati, Ohio in the future.

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