Talking Chastity with Jason Evert

This past Wednesday we were called to the gym to listen to another sex talk. We all know the drill, sex is bad, never do sex, blah blah blah.

Jason Evert started this hour of terror by throwing “Tiffany” into the Grand Canyon. Right off the bat I think we all knew that this talk was going to be different. He touched on some difficult topics but managed to lighten the topics. He used stories and real life examples to get his point across.

The longest story he told was about a teenage girl’s struggle with her image of herself and the boys she was sleeping with. Every time this girl said “no” to something that was harmful to her, she wrote a love letter to her future spouse. She then delivered these letters to Jason on their wedding day. They are happily married with three kids.

The girl, Crystalina, launched her own website called Women Made New focusing on the things she struggled with growing up. Crystalina and Jason tour the world talking to people of all races and ages. We were lucky enough to be one of the schools Jason chose to talk to.

Jason and Crystalina have written multiple books and recorded multiple cds. If you didn’t get a chance to pick up one of those products, stay tuned for we have ordered more.

The talk was funny, relatable, and intriguing. Thank you Jason for impacting and changing the lives of some young women today.

Grace Ehrhardt ‘19

Photograph credit goes to the Chastity Project Website

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