Was the college fair helpful for you?

Kelly Wilzbach ’16

On Wednesday September 16, private and Jesuit colleges came to Mercy. The colleges that attended were Canisius College, Fordham University, John Carroll University, Lemoyne College, Layola Chicago, Layola New Orleans, Marquette University, Regis University, SLU, Spring Hill College, and Xavier University. This experience was for junior and seniors.

For me as a senior, this process wasn’t as helpful as it might be for a junior. The only colleges I had heard about was Xavier University and SLU. Many seniors have said that they already know where they want to go to college or already have an idea and this process wasn’t helpful for them. Senior Leah Henkel said, “They were really small colleges that I would never go to.” Everyone has their opinion, but it wasn’t just Leah who felt this way.

Senior Jenna Byrne said, “It was interesting but none of the schools were realistic. I don’t see myself going to any of them.” During the process people didn’t walk around the cafeteria. If you looked around everyone just stood in the middle of the room and talked to people.

Junior Olivia Short said, “The college fair was really unexpected. I wish they gave us more time to prepare. It was awkward because of that.” The overall feel about the college fair was that people didn’t really know what they they were supposed to do. Nobody was prepared or knew what to expect.

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