First Experiences of Mercy Day and the Walk

The walk on Mercy day has always been a fun way to celebrate the day that Catherine McAuley, our foundress, opened the first house on Baggot Street.  This year is an extra special celebration as we celebrate 100 years of Mother of Mercy High School.  This year’s theme for the always popular walk is From Baggot Street to Werk Road.  When the entire student body at Mercy participates in the walk, we are remembering “a legacy of inspiring and educating young women for 100 years.”

We spent hours, I mean hours, honoring those who play a significant part in the Mercy Community and in the Circle of Mercy.  Some of these people include the Sisters of Mercy and alumnae that have done a wonderful job carrying on the legacy of Mercy as well.  We even had our own painting made just for us that will be hanging in our very halls soon!

As a freshman, my first experience of the walk was just a great as everyone said it would be.  Despite your entire lower body being sore the next day and waiting an hour for ice cream, which was totally worth it, the walk was a great way to raise money for scholarships and remember Catherine’s legacy.  Another plus side to the walk was getting to show everyone on the West side the pride and spirit we have for our school.  They got to see the hundreds of Mercy students all wearing the same 2015 Walk shirt and a united student body carrying on a loved tradition.  

Another exciting moment is getting to hear which grade will get to walk first and all of the prizes and awards presented to those who had the highest pledges.  Even though the freshman came in last, it was a great time and it was so cool to see the whole school and faculty come together to remember September 24th, the new and official Mercy Day in Cincinnati, Ohio.  Happy Mercy Day, Mercy!  Here’s to many more years to come full of cherished memories and fun filled events!

Christina Huber’19

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