Happy Birthday Mercy!

Happy Mercy Day! Thursday was our Centennial Celebration. This was a very exciting morning that was followed by our walk.

We started out our birthday by celebrating mass. Mass was very very very long. Everything ever that the administration had to do they put in the mass. Not after or before the Mass. In the Mass. For those who had to sit up in the bleachers with me, it wasn’t fun. 

In between Communion and the final blessing we had the Honoring of the Foundations. This is when we went through all the foundations of the school, who they represent, and what they mean. Now, as interesting as this was I didn’t think it was necessary to stick in he already three hour long ceremony. 

After recognizing the foundations the Mayor of Cincinnati came up to our podem and made September 24 officially Mercy Day. Exciting stuff. Then we were presented awards and honors. Yay! Awards and Honors! Some of the gifts we were given we from John Kasich, who is running for the 2016 election, and we were given a painting that is going to be displayed in the main foyer. The painting was explained to us by the artist who is an alumna from Mercy.

After the painting was revealed we had food and walk awards were announced and teachers were pied in the face. One of my few regrets in life is that I didn’t get that on video. Seniors ended up winning the walk which meant they got to walk first. Boo.

Now, I was happy and excited to be there at the Centennial but because we got out walking so late, we didn’t get back from walking until two which threw a wrench into my plans. But with all the bad things that I said, I really did enjoy myself at my first walk.

I was so honored to be here and able to celebrate 100 years with Mercy. Here’s to 100 more.

Grace Ehrhardt ‘19

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