Mercy >>> Seton

Kelly Wilzbach ’16

On Wednesday September 23, Mercy’s soccer team took on the Seton Saints. Seton is Mercy’s biggest rival. The cheering section was packed and ready for a good game. The ending score of the game was 5-1 Seton. Senior, Heather Runk scored the goal for Mercy. Yes Seton won the game, but Mercy never loses hope. The soccer team worked hard on the field and gave it their all. The cheering section was loud and looked great in their red, white, and blue for the America theme. Mercy definitely looked better than Seton and was much louder than Seton.  Senior, Tricia Nagel said, “The cheering section was really loud and really into the game.  I love how there were so many people supporting the team.” It was a tough game and a hard loss, but we will get them next time Mercy. Go Bobcats!

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