Milk and Cookies, All Grown Up.

In a quick turn of events, Starbucks has released their first new fall drink in four years, celebrating their 25th anniversary.

Of course everyone knows the Pumpkin Spice Latte, its a fan favorite of Starbucks drinkers, along with the Caramel Apple Spice, Apple Chai, and Vanilla Cinnamon Steamer, but the Toasted Graham Latte is like nothing else, described as Milk and Cookies all grown up.

A Starbucks drink expert was inspired by the milk in the bottom of his bowl after eating Cinnamon Toast Crunch, and began a process that started in May on creating the new fan favorite. The experts started by buying different types of graham crackers to soak in milk to experiment with how the main basis of the drink would taste. After they found the perfect mix, Honey and Cinnamon in 2% Milk, they began experimenting with the different roasts of coffee that would taste the best when added.

Blonde Roast is the lightest flavor of coffee that Starbucks serves, and is perfect to compliment the sweet flavors of the crackers. The drink is more coffee based than graham, but you can detect notes of cinnamon and honey lying under the light blonde roast.

As a Starbucks Gold Member, I was given the opportunity to tasted the TGL, Toasted Graham Latte, for free. The day it was released I was first in line to taste it, swapping out the 2% Milk for Vanilla Soy Milk and asking for an extra pump of Cinnamon Dolce syrup. The coffee is definitely strong against the cracker, but the soy milk sweetness along with the extra syrup definitely combatted that. This drink is definitely a fan-favorite with me, but if you’re not as big on strong coffee, then I suggest you avoid it or ask for extra syrup.

Served in a festive fall cup designed by a student from San Francisco, the Toasted Graham Latte is here to stay. Or at least until they come out with their new spring line of drinks.

Giorgia Close ’16

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