See ya, Chief Blackwell!

Chief Blackwell was reportedly let go last Wednesday, accused of crushing officers morale and not communicating well with his staff and other workers. Police morale has been at an all-time low this past year, and most are attributing this to his poor leadership and un-affective ways of contributing to the police force. In a 5 page report by a member of city council, there are allegations of  former chief Blackwell harassing, abusing, and yelling at staff. There are reports of officers seeking out therapy for their anxiety and depression due to the former chiefs harmful tones.

As a Police Cadet this year who worked in close quarters with many of the lieutenants, officers, and leaders of the CPD, I can fully agree with the statement of morale at an all time low. Whenever Jeffrey Blackwell was at an event, none of my officers wanted to visit. When there was roll-call, requests were made to have our Lieutenant to lead instead of the Chief. The favorite officer, Officer George, would deliberately avoid situations in which the Chief may talk to him. I never heard a bad word spoken directly about Blackwell, though there were some statements that could allude to the dislike of the Chief.

For the CPD, this is one of the most exciting things that could happen. I cant wait to see how the department will change, in morale as well as changes the new Chief will make, and to go back to the Youth Services Department as a Police Cadet under the eyes of a  new chief.

Giorgia Close ’16

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