Holy Father heals many hearts

  By Sara Ruberg ’18

“A little bit of mercy makes the world less cold and more just,” Pope Francis talks about this theme on what he refers to as “The Year of Mercy” which is coincidentally our “100th Year of Mercy.”

   Pope Francis’ visit to the U.S. began on Tuesday, September 22nd, when he arrived in Washington D.C. and delivered a speech at the welcome ceremony the following day at the White House with President Obama.

  From start to finish the Pope has a busy schedule filled with prayer services, processions, and Masses.

   For the first time on American Soil, the Pope canonized a Saint! Saint Junipero Serra became a saint in the Catholic Church on September 23, 2015.

   The following days, the Holy Father addressed the United States Congress and the United Nations. Then he set off for Philadelphia where he stayed for two days. Finally, he departed from the U.S. for Rome on September 27th. The United States is very blessed to have had him visit our country.

  Also, the Pope’s visit to the United States has certainly stirred up conversation among Catholics, Non-Catholics, and politicians. Many Non-Catholics (and obviously Catholics) have shown favor for the Father of the Church and have come to agree with many of the issues he preaches about. Although, the Pope has made a few negative comments towards capitalism in America and several politicians have taken offense to them.

  Overall, Pope Francis is loved by many, including the Mercy community who has joined the Pope is his “Year of Mercy!”

Good bye and God bless, Pope Francis!


Pope Francis speaks to the United States Congress about political issues, Photo courtesy time.com

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