Maddie and Tae

Kelly Wilzbach ’16

Maddie and Tae’s newest CD is out!  Start Here is a collection of their newest songs plus their biggest hits.  Maddie and Tae fist got known when their song “Girl in a Country Song” came out.  This song talks all about how country songs talk about girls in their songs.  The song has a cute and funny music video and when it comes on people cant help but to turn their music up and dance along to it.

I listened to the whole CD and I personally have two favorites.  The songs “Girl in a County Song” and “Fly”.  Both songs are now being played on the radio and are their most known songs.  “Fly” is more of a slower song but I love  the way it sounds and the lyrics.

Overall this CD was very good.  I will continue to  be that person who tuns up the volume when the songs come on.


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