Twenty One Pilots ft. Bunbury Music Festival

Grace Dearing ’17

For most bands, if you gave them the task of putting thousands of people into their music video, they would say it is impossible. Twenty One Pilots, however, have never been a band to back down from a challenge and they certainly weren’t going to start now. Upon releasing their single, Lane Boy, off of their album Blurryface, Tyler Joseph (lead singer) and Josh Dun (drummer) knew they wanted to include as many of their fans as possible in the music video. The perfect place to do this was at Cincinnati’s Bunbury Music Festival.

Often referred to as The Clique, fans of Twenty One Pilots were ecstatic when they heard the news that they would get the chance to be involved in such a major moment in creating the Blurryface image for their favorite band. Tyler and Josh took the stage on June 7, 2015 at 8:30 PM. About halfway through their set, Tyler announced that he needed help from the sea of people who had gathered in front of the Sawyer Point Stage. Joining himself and Josh onstage was Tyler’s brother and one of his friends, dressed in white suits with red gas masks on. Before performing the song, Tyler instructed the crowd on what they needed to do to make this video as trippy as possible. Starting in the first row, everyone was supposed to kneel down and then the row behind it would follow, creating a ripple effect. As I was standing in the crowd with my friends (and after I had been standing all day) this seemed like an easy enough idea to me! Boy, was I wrong! Everyone was supposed to stay kneeling until the very last row had gotten down and after that we were supposed to stay down until Tyler gave us the cue to stand up again. Seeing as I was standing fairly close to the stage, I was kneeling for quite a long time. This wouldn’t have been so bad if I didn’t have multiple people pushing against me, trying to keep their balance, therefore making me lose mine! It was all well worth it, though as the end product of the music video turned out to be one of the coolest things I have ever watched. (Not to mention I can now say I was in a music video…check that off my bucket list.)

Here’s how the video turned out:

Twenty One Pilots have always been a band that wants to involve their fans and their supporters as much as humanly possible. When they first released their Blurryface album, all of the promos said, “Here is your new album”. This simple sentence pulls the fans in and really makes them connect with their idols, making them feel as if the songs really were written for them and not just so that Tyler and Josh could make money off of it. In addition to this, Tyler and Josh have, on many occasions, spoken out about fans with mental illnesses and fans who feel as if they have been outcast by society, letting these fans know that Twenty One Pilots will also be their safe haven and they will always have someone to turn to within The Clique. The Lane Boy music video helped this sense of family, by creating a connection between the fans and the band that is deeper than most bands have with the people who support them. Speaking from personal experience, everyone who was in the crowd that day felt like they were a part of something bigger and that is what Twenty One Pilots are all about; finding a place you belong and feeling like you are a part of something that means something to people.

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