3 DIY Pinterest Halloween Treats

Pinterest Halloween Treats

Olivia Meister ’19

With the Halloween season comes lots of candy and treats of course! But what treats should you make for that spooky party next weekend? Here are three easy and cute pinterest recipes you should try.

Everyone loves Rice Krispie treats right? What about adorable Rice Krispie treat pumpkins? This is a great treat to share with all of your friends. Here are all the ingredients that you need:

-6 cups of Rice Krispie cereal

-3 tablespoons of butter

– 10 ounces (or approximately 1 bag) of marshmallows

-red and yellow food coloring (to make the pumpkins orange)

-12 Tootsie Rolls

-1 green fruit roll up (if you want to add a leaf to your pumpkin)

You first begin by melting your butter and marshmallows in a sauce pan on low. Continue to mix them until completely melted. Once completely melted remove from heat and add your food coloring (approximately 4 drops of red and 2 drops of yellow, but you can adjust to your liking). Add your Rice Krispies cereal into your orange goo and mix. Before your next step, it is advised to add Pam or Crisco to your hands to make it easier. Now you get to ball up your Rice Krispies into your pumpkin shape. You can make these as big or small as you wish. For the pumpkin’s stem, cut Tootsie Rolls in half and stick half into the top of you little pumpkins while they are still warm. If you want to add a leaf to you pumpkin treat, cut a small leaf shape out of your green fruit roll up and stick it on the pumpkin by it’s stem. There you have it, cute pumpkin party treats!

pumpkin thingy

Pretty pumpkins ready to be eaten (Photo Courtesy of cincyshopper.com)

The next recipe will make you thirsty for blood (or party punch). They are delicious Dracula’s dentures. Here are all of the ingredients that you need:

-pre baked chocolate chip cookies (or cookies of your choice, these can be homemade or store bought)

-½ cup vanilla frosting

-1 ¾ cup mini marshmallows

-slivered almonds

-red food coloring

You begin by cutting all of your pre baked cookies in half so you have a total of 48 halves. This will make 24 dentures. Next you add your red food coloring to your vanilla frosting till it’s bright red like blood (about 4 or 5 drops, but again you can adjust to your liking). Now you ice the bottom sides of all of your cookie halves. For your teeth, place 6 marshmallows on the frosting around the perimeter edge of one of you cookie halves for each denture. You may want to add more marshmallows behind the teeth to help support the dentures from falling apart. Continue by attaching the other 24 cookie halves (without marshmallow teeth) to your cookies with teeth. Your final step is to attach with frosting, two almond slivers framing the two middle teeth as Dracula’s fangs, and then they’re complete!

Fang cookie

Delicious dentures on display at a party (Photo courtesy of the-girl-who-ate-everyhing.com)

The third recipe makes cute and chocolatey witch’s hats! This is probably the easiest of the three. Here are all of the ingredients that you need:

-Fudge Stripes Keebler original cookies

-Hershey kisses

-orange (or another Halloween color of your choice) icing in a squeeze tube

To begin these quick treats, you want to unwrap as many Hershey kisses as cookies that you want to make. Now squeeze your icing around the the bottom rim of the Hershey kiss and place over the open circle in the middle of the bottom side of the cookie and you’re done.

witch hat cookie

Witch hat cookies prepared to be gifted to a friend (Photo courtesy of barbschhram.blogspot.com)

There you have it, three quick and easy recipes that you may use to make the snacks at a Halloween party just a little more creative, cute and Pintristfied.

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