Must-See Movies This Halloween

Grace Paustian ’18

As the fall season begins, many people look forward to chilly weather and warm drinks. Around Halloween, Disney Channel replays its most famous movies that are fun to watch for people of all ages. These are the ten must see Disney movies for this Halloween season in order from can’t miss to should see.

1.The Halloweentown Trilogy


Marnie, on the top right, and her family.

This trilogy includes the movies Halloweentown, Halloweentown II: Kalabar’s Revenge, and Return to Halloweentown. These three movies include the adventures of the main character, Marnie, and her journey through life discovering that she and most of her family are witches.

These movies are attention grabbing, funny, and enjoyable. If you are looking to watch a great Disney movie this Halloween, this trilogy is perfect.

2.Twitches and Twitches Too


The twins awarding each other.

These two movies are runner up on the list of must-see movies. The plot in this movie involves two twin sisters discovering the fact that they are witches and have powers to save their real parents who they haven’t seen since birth. Through their adventures and problems they face, they come to the overused but always cute conclusion that by working together they can do anything.

Although cliché, these movies are heartwarming and keep you on your toes. These are quality Disney movies to watch this Halloween.

3.Hocus Pocus


The witches casting spells.

This Disney classic is high ranked on my list of must-sees. Hocus Pocus is a spin on the Salem Witch Trials. In this movie, witches arrive to the world and are horrified when they come to the realization that Halloween has become a holiday. Also, three girls have stolen their broomsticks which becomes quite the situation. If the witches don’t get what they need to achieve done by sunrise, they turn into dust. This movie is really captivating for a Disney movie and is one   that deserves to be watched this Halloween.

4.Into the Woods


The characters in action.

Into the Woods is a fairly new arrival. Made in 2014, this Disney movie involves several classic fairy tales. A witch tells a baker and his wife to get items from these fairy tales in order to reverse the curse put on this witch.

This is a cute movie for children to watch and should be a consideration to watch this Halloween.

5.The Nightmare Before Christmas


Jack singing on a hill.

This popular movie takes place in a town called Halloween Town. The main character Jack Skellington discovers the holiday Christmas, but is puzzled by the idea.

This movie twists Christmas and Halloween together and is a fun film to watch. Although last on the list, this movie is definitely quality and deserves a watch.

These five Disney movies deserve the watch for this Halloween season. Most of these movies will appear on Disney channel this October, so make sure to take some time out of your day to watch a great movie!

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