TV Binge

As much as I love to read and have an incredibly busy life, I somehow find time to watch a boat load of TV. This is the TV line up for fall of 2015 that I am planning to watch. This also doesn’t include Netflix. Let’s get to it.


Dancing with the Stars

This show premieres on September 4 from 8 to 10 on ABC. This is a reality TV show where we watch pro dancers try to teach stars how to dance. I use to watch this show live every night but that was before I got into Castle. That’s three hours of TV on Mondays and I can’t swing that so my solution is to record the entire season and then watch all of it during Christmas break. Favorite Pros: Derek and Val


This show premieres on September 21 from 10-11 on ABC.  This show is about a writer who helps the N.Y.P.D. solve murder cases. I love this TV show and each and every episode is strong and makes me happy. This TV show has already premiered and I have already watched it and loved it. If you need convincing to watch the show, Nathan Fillion stars in it.


This show premiers on September 21 from 9-10 on CBS. This show is about a team of people with very high IQs help Homeland Security. I wasn’t planning on watching this one but I got into the first season. Same things as Dancing with the Stars, I record multiple episodes at a time  then binge on the weekends and off days.



This show premieres on October 7 from 9-10 on CW. This show is about two brothers who kill bad supernatural things, I have recently binged through all 9 seasons on Netflix and watched season 10 online. I am so excited about this show. 


The Vampire Diaries

This show premieres on October 8 from 8-9 on CW. This show is about the relationship between a girl in high school and two brothers who move to town. Oh and the brothers are vampires. This was the first show I watched on Netflix and I have a deep rooted connection to it. Even if Nina Dobrev isn’t on the show anymore I will still watch, just expect lots of tears. I love Damon and Elena together so, sorry Stefan. 

The Blacklist

This show premieres on October 1 from 9-10 on NBC. This show is about when the number three on the FBI’s most wanted list turns himself in and starts helping a special task team catch terrorists. This was another one of those TV shows that I said I was never going to watch. Now it’s the show I’m most excited about returning to TV. The second season is now available on Netflix.

I hope you like and watch the shows this fall with me. Happy Watching.

Grace Ehrhardt ‘19

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