MLC Projects for 2015

Grace Metzger ’18

On Wednesday, October 14th, after the PSAT, the freshmen sophomores and juniors started their MLC projects.

The freshmen made cards for their buddies from St. Boniface and created a venn diagram comparing Mercy from St. Boniface. A few differences the freshman saw from just one visit were: “The school provides free lunches for the kids”- Olivia Meister ’19. “The neighborhood the school was in was not as nice or safe as Mercy’s neighborhood”- Gena Portosky ’19.

The sophomores began to discuss the stereotypes they develop for certain areas in the Cincinnati region. This was an introduction to the field trip they will take in a few months to Over the Rhine. Many of the things written were false and were hurtful to the people living in that specific area. “I think stereotypes are bogus because many times they are untrue.”- Grace Paustian ’18.

Juniors learned about the organization called Magnified Giving. Its goal is to educate, inspire and engage students in philanthrophy. The class of 2017 formed groups of 6 or so and picked a non-profit organization they were interested in and made a poster for it. They voted on their favorite organizations and narrowed them down to 10. Eventually, the juniors will vote on a single non-profit to focus on.

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