PSAT scandal 2015

Grace Paustian ’18

Wednesday, October 14th, the freshman, sophomores, and juniors took the PSAT. This testing took place for four hours, and had categories involving English and Math. At the end of putting all of our information into the booklet, we had to sign a waver stating that we wouldn’t share any of the questions anywhere. Many students had trouble following this requirement.

As I went home and checked twitter as I normally do, I saw a variety of different tweets poking fun of the questions asked in the PSAT. Even a Twitter page was created just to make fun of different passages that were created in the test.

Although many of these tweets made me giggle, I was confused why people would be so dumb to put that on the internet. By creating that page, many people are kissing a college scholarship goodbye. This may result in laughs and follows now, but later in life could really screw you over.

Dear creators of the PSAT, maybe you shouldn’t make your passages so strange next year. If they actually make sense, I’m sure people would stop making fun of you   through social media and risking their future.

Here are several more tweets that became popular:


A tweet making fun of one of the stories in the PSAT involving wolves. Photo courtesy: @PSAT14


A tweet poking fun at a story in the PSAT. Photo courtesy: @PSAT14


Another tweet about an article about dogs and wolves. Photo courtesy: @PSAT14

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