Senior Lip Sync

By Elena Harter ‘17

Senior Lip Sync is an annual fundraiser for the Laura Beth Erb Memorial Scholarship. Laura was a senior at Mother of Mercy in 2001, when she lost control of her car on the way to school and hit a telephone pole. She really enjoyed Mercy, so MMH holds a Lip Sync competition every year in her honor. It is $3 per entry and all of the money goes towards the Scholarship. It took place in Mercy’s theater on Wednesday, October 14th at 7:00pm. Baked goods were sold in the lobby right outside the theater. Posters covered the school enticing you to come to the show.

There was a special guest this year, making you to want to come and see it for yourself, besides over snapchat. *Find out who later in this blog post*

Mrs. Kroner, judging for accuracy, Mrs. David, judging for style, and Mrs. Bird, judging for overall performance, watched the acts as each one lip-synced their way to the top.

The MC’s for the evening were Lexi Carey and Julia Brown.


The theater was filled with students, families of the performers, and faculty/staff.  Almost every single seat was filled. There were seven acts (including our special guests) that you’ll see below.

Act 1: Cheetah Girls



(From left to right) Lexi Carey, Kaitlin Reid, Leah Henkel, Maddie Owens, and Sam Seger.

The girls were all happy and energetic to be on stage with each other and didn’t care how awkward they looked. (even if they did tie for last).

Act 2: Disney Divas


(From left to right) Megan Aufderbeck, Katie Quatman, Julia Von Allmen, and Jenna Byrne.

The girls swapped their outfits from nice and innocent Disney stars, to rebellious and fierce Disney divas (Plus Joe Jonas) (Or is it Ray Goren?)

Act 3: 90’s Mash-up



(From left to right) Julia Brown, Kaylee Zeller, Kathleen Anderson, Rachel Hoferer, Sarah Hoesl, Kelsea Kinnett.

The girls threw it way back to the 90’s and danced in circles on stage with each other.

Act 4: Tiff &Co.



(From left to right) Ms. Blum, Ms. Antons, Mr. Burton, and Ms. Keller…


…Plus Mr. Bouman…


…poor Mr. Burton.

Scream Credits to Kenzie Coon ’17.

Act 5: Princesses in the Hood



(From left to right) Gabby Reinstatler, Molly Grayson, Olivia Bley, Jenna Kaiser, and Sarah Merz.

Act 6: Slay-z and the Catastrophes



(Bottom from left to right) Abby Kallmeyer, Bridget Hellmann, Katie Terek, Indigio Hudepohl, and Karly Maas.

And our special guest?

Act 7: Mascot Mayhem



(Bottom left to right) LaSalle Lancer, Mercy Bobcat (behind St. X), St. X Bomber, McAuley Mohawk, Seton Bernards, St. Ursula Bulldogs.

The winner of the night was… *drumroll please*


The performances were hilarious and everyone did so great! Can’t wait for next year!

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