The Freshman Mono Epidemic

Katie Rieth ‘19

Within the last two weeks, many of the freshman have discovered they have Mono (a.k.a “Kissing Disease”). If you have no idea what Mono is; Mono (Infectious Mononucleosis) is an infection in the throat that causes a person to feel extreme fatigue, fevers, rash, and swollen glands. This infection can be spread by kissing or sharing drinks, and can be treated with over-the-counter meds such as Excedrin and Nyquil/Dayquil, also lots of rest should help.

Along with the Freshman getting Mono from other things, now they’re spreading the infection to their peers. So far, seven Freshman have been confirmed they have Mono. Believe it or not, Mono is actually quite common between the ages of 13-16, so Mercy may not be the only school with this issue.

According to one Freshman, who will remain anonymous, she feels extremely exhausted constantly. She describes how she feels “short of breath.” Another student explains how she has “No control of her sleeping anymore” and she is “always tired” This infection is affecting their focussing on their schoolwork because they’re having trouble staying awake during class.

If you are concerned you have Mono, please ask yourself these two questions, “Have you kissed anybody who has any of the symptoms?” and “Have you shared drinks with anybody recently?” Also, please note that you could have Mono for months and not show any symptoms until recently. If any of these symptoms apply to you, or you answered yes to either of the questions, please contact your nurse, or your doctor.

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