VSCO Hits Mercy!

By Grace Dearing ’17

Being a child born into a generation in which social media has started to control every aspect of our lives, I am always trying to stay up to date on the newest social media platforms that are surfacing. My infatuation with the Internet began in the fifth grade when I was introduced to the world of Facebook. I know, Facebook seems like ancient history now, but at one point I thought it was the coolest thing on the planet! The whole purpose of Facebook was to connect friends and family across the world, giving people a place to share photos, videos, and daily (or minutely, depending on how bad your addiction to the website was) status updates.

Once I outgrew my Facebook phase, I was hooked on Instagram. Okay, I still am hooked, but that’s not the point. Seeing as Instagram focused more on the photography aspect of media, I still used Facebook to update my many, many friends (note the sarcasm) about my very interesting life. However, Facebook was soon replaced all together when I was roped into the Twitter trend. Now, I was given a platform to update the world as many times a day as I wanted, all in140 characters or less.

Social media is still expanding and the newest platform to express creativity through an app called VSCO (pronounced visco). VSCO let’s users edit their pictures and upload them to their account, which is basically just a photo gallery. Some people wonder how this is different from Instagram. Well, on VSCO you can upload multiple pictures at once, which you can’t do on Instagram, and while you can still follow people on VSCO you are not alerted with a notification that someone has followed you. VSCO is more of a place to share “trendy” pictures in a gallery for yourself, as you cannot comment on other people’s pictures. The common use of Instagram is to post pictures with your friends when you’re out at parties, or other social events. VSCO is centered more around pictures that capture the way you see the world and how you express that vision through a photograph. The profiles of VSCO users range from fun cities they’ve visited, to interesting photo-ops they’ve found in nature, to endless pictures of the sunset in Cincinnati.  Mercy students have fallen in love with the VSCO trend and capture all of these photo themes in their photo galleries.


VSCO users have traveled across the country…


From Europe…


…to Chicago…

...to Charlestown, South Carolina...

…to Charlestown, South Carolina…


…up to New York…


…and even not so far, spending night in Downtown Cincinnati.




You can take excessive pictures of the sky every night, we won’t judge you.



Concerts are a great place to listen to good live music…they’re also a great place to take hella artsy pictures.



Looking into the distance in nature seems to be a trend lately.

*Special thanks to Jackie Lienesch ’17, Madeline Lane ’17, Paige Bailey ’17, Olivia Short ’17, and Sydney Hering ’17 for the fab pictures above*

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