Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Tricia Nagel ’16

Every year, the month of October is dedicated to breast cancer. Breast cancer is an uncontrolled growth of breast cells. Breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer among women, but there have been cases of men having breast cancer. Breast cancer has multiple stages that the doctor can diagnose the person with depending on how severe it is.

Throughout October, many people raise awareness for breast cancer. Pink Ribbon Girls is a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide support to young women throughout all phases of breast cancer. Pink Ribbon Girls was founded by Tracie Metzger who was diagnosed at age 30 with stage 1. Tracie helps many young girls every year and donates money to breast cancer research. Also many high school sports dedicate games to breast cancer survivors, fighters, and those who have lost their lives to cancer. NFL football teams wear miscellaneous pink items to also show support. Pink is the color that represents breast cancer.

Beth is a mother of 4 who was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer, and shared her story with me. She is a close family friend. Beth does not want me to share her story, but does want me to share this. “To all the women fighting breast cancer, my advice to you is to stay positive. Being positive, and staying positive, is half the battle.”

We all know a person that had or has cancer. Remind them to stay positive, and that they are not in this battle alone. Let’s all raise awareness together, for the many forms of cancer.

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