We’re All Gonna Die

By Elena Harter ’17

There is a test upon us that causes tears around the nation. It calls for many prep classes and practice tests. Sometimes, the students preparing have mental breakdowns the week before the test. However, this isn’t free, you have to pay to take this test. It costs $39.50 to take a test you don’t even want to take and $56.50 if you would like to write a prompt during the test. Why. Saturday mornings aren’t as fun as they used to be…

“What could this test possibly be?” you say.

It’s the ACT.

But looking on the bright side, you’re not alone! Many other students will be suffering with you on Saturday morning. Make sure your #2 (no mechanical) pencils are sharpened to a point and that you get enough rest so you don’t fall asleep during the test. The test only lasts from 8am to 12:15pm! If you’re taking the writing section you’ll be there until 1:15pm… sorry.


Now what are your thoughts about the ACT?

Grace Dearing ’17, (Tuesday) “It causes me unnecessary amounts of stress and mental breakdowns. My studying has even been affected because the tears that  stain my practice tests are blurring the words.” (Wednesday) “Update: Currently crying over the ACT” (Thursday) “Update: Have not yet cried over the ACT tonight but am, in fact, internally screaming at the science portion” (minutes after this text was sent, Grace cried.)

I attempted to send Jesus to her, but I don’t think it worked due to the amount of tears…

thumbs up Jesus

Olivia Short ’17, “I am shakin’ in my boots mainly because of math.”


Jackie Lienesch ’17, “The ACT gives me a disease.”


Chloe Klusman ’17, “Went in unprepared, came out lost at life.”

Senior hiker lost in forest.

Leah Henkel ’16, “I’d rather be stuck in Seton’s cheering section than take the ACT.”

FullSizeRender (24)


Hope Smith ’16, “I’d rather tear my ACL for the fourth time than take the ACT.”

FullSizeRender (25)

No fear! People are looking out for you! There are many ACT prep classes to help you out in your time of need. Mrs. Brandel has a prep class called “Ace the ACT” with another teacher from Elder to support you through this difficult time. After those horrible four hours, you’ll be free to have a great Saturday night. Good luck everyone and try not to cry during the ACT!

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