The Cincinnati Bengals Go Undefeated

Grace Paustian ’18

Who dey think they gonna beat them Bengals? So far, no one. This season, our very own Cincinnati Bengals are undefeated as of now. They have played the Raiders, Chargers, Ravens, Chiefs, Seahawks, and Bills and beaten all of them, which makes them 6-0 and first in the AFC Northern Division.


The Bengals celebrating after scoring a touchdown against the Bills. Photo courtesy:

This record has only happened 2 other times- in 1975 and 1988. Not only did the Bengals go 6-0 in 1988, but later went to the Super Bowl. Hopefully this year, they will do the same but actually win. This year should be one marked down in the books.

This coming Sunday, the Bengals play one of their biggest rivals, the Steelers. They are 4-2 and second in the AFC Northern Division. If the Bengals pull out a win, this will break a new record for the Bengals because they have never before been 7-0.

This game will definitely bring forth strong emotions from the citizens of Cincinnati. Whether they are positive or negative will be decided by the outcome of the game. As we all know, dads love to scream at the tv and act as if their opinions from another state will change the refs’ mind of the certain call that “should get the zebra fired”.


Photo of a typical dad yelling at the t.v. Photo courtesy:

Make sure if you live in Cincinnati and own a television that you tune in on Sunday at 1 PM to see the Bengals beat some Steeler booty.

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