“Shaken not Stirred”


Spectres’ Logo

007 does it again. In the 24th 007 film starring Daniel Craig as James Bond, Bond has to go on another deadly mission and have things revealed about his past that he doesn’t even know that is sure to have the audience’s jaws in their laps. What else is new?

The overall plot summary is that 007 is tasked to infiltrate a secret organization called Spectre, hence the name of the movie. We don’t know a lot about the secret organization other than the name. Has Bond interacted with them before and we just don’t know because that’s what it sounded like in the trailer?

To complete this mission, he must find the daughter of an ex-enemy and goes on another mission to find her. Will we see her father or mother? Were they in a past movie? Who will it be?


Bond’s Austin Martin

There are also all the questions left over from Skyfall? The main one being Em. Who will she be replaced by? A woman or man? I’m rooting for woman. Girl Power!

Then there are the classic Bond characteristics. Some examples are “Shaken not stirred”, the exotic locations, the gadgets, and Q. I did see a pretty cool car from the trailer that has me excited.
Spectre premieres on November 6th. This is also the same night as Father Daughter so if you want to bond with your dad, no pun intended, you should go after the dance.

I hope you have a smashing time watching 007 do what he does best, save the world and get the girl.

Trailer Link:


Picture of Craig with car is credited to Los Angeles Times.

Spectre logo picture credited to BBC.

Title picture credited to Gazette Review.

Grace Ehrhardt ‘19

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