Horse in the Circle of Mercy


If you know anything about Mercy Cross Country, you know about CPC. “Copper Pegasus Comer” is a plastic horse that the team adores, he is our unofficial mascot. Another crazy tradition Cross Country has is that on the Friday before the League meet we smash a pumpkin. This pumpkin has all the other team’s names written on it. Every year it is done in a crazy creative way, and it’s always a secret. In an effort to make this the best pumpkin-smashing ever, Coach Ridder asked me if there was a way to have “a real life CPC” help smash the pumpkin. After asking my dad, it was settled, my horse Red would be coming to school.

On Wednesday Coach Mel gave me Red’s “uniform” a big blue tablecloth with white duct tape stripes and “Mercy” written in big white duct tape letters. I made the mistake of leaving Red alone with his beautiful uniform (I was gone for less than five minutes), when I came back, he was EATING HIS UNIFORM! He had gotten it off the fence, and was standing on it, munching a small piece of blue plastic that he swallowed before I could pull it out of his stubborn jaws. I decided that Red would probably like it more if he just had the “Mercy” on his rump with a blue saddle pad.


The remnants of Red’s “uniform”. Photo courtesy Ellen Daniels.


On Friday I could hardly contain my excitement, I couldn’t wait for practice! After cheering our way down Boudinot, the team sat on the hill and I asked to use the restroom. I ran up the hill and to the front circle. There on the front lawn stood my trusty steed Red and my parents. After fixing my dad’s mistakes of tacking English and bridling Red we began our walk. Mrs. Daniels took pictures for Mercy’s social media as I rode.

No one noticed me as we walked around the labyrinth. It took the team until I was halfway down the driveway for them to notice me. First one person saw and pointed, and soon the whole team was cheering with excitement. I trotted in to the team and Coach Ridder handed me the pumpkin. I lifted the pumpkin above my head with both hands and threw it down, it smashed into a pile of pumpkin goo!


Red soaks up the attention of the CC team. Photo courtesy Ann and Mark Wegman

After the pumpkin was smashed the team came around Red and spent time petting him and taking pictures. I was sure to tell Red that he is the best horse ever as I untacked him and loaded him onto the trailer. I will never forget bringing my horse to school!


Coach Mel sees if Red would not only like to smash the competition, but eat them too. Photo courtesy Ann and Mark Wegman.

Katie Wegman ’18

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