Mercy Fire Drills

Tuesday, October, 20th we had an unexpected fire drill. Everyone was surprised considering we had just had a fire drill already this month. It turns out that once a year the fire department does a surprise fire drill for every school.
When thinking of school fire drills, grade school comes to mind. I don’t know about other schools, but at St. Ignatius fire drills were very strict. You had to be absolutely quiet and follow all the rules of a fire drill you were taught since kindergarten. At the sound of the fire alarm we would exit the building, go to a parking lot, stand in a single file strait line (sometimes even in alphabetical order), face forward, and be absolutely quiet. And if you didn’t do one of these things you got in big trouble. So despite the fact that all of the parking lots were filled with little kids, it was utterly silent, and the only people possibly talking were adults, other than the occasional hushed whispers.


Now think of mercy fire drills.
It’s the same thing right? Well, almost. Except theirs more talking, and instead of strict strait lines, home rooms are grouped in clumps aggregated around home room teachers. It’s just kind of funny to think about. Little grade school kids are often more behaved than high school students during fire drills. I’m not necessarily saying that Mercy doesn’t do a good job at fire drills, it’s just that the difference between how we act during a fire drill is different. In fact this teenager comment on fire drills would be in favor of mercy:


I think we can all agree that the argument can be made that Mercy’s just being realistically prepared for the real thing.

Now concerning differences in thoughts and feelings between grade school and high school students. Take this comic:


Ok to be honest I think the middle school one still applies to high school students…. Unless it’s cold outside. But I think this last comic really paints the right picture (at least for me it does):

Story of my life.

Story of my life.

Fire drill safty rues picture curtsy of First comic and teenager post curtsy of Pintreset. Comic of kid praying curtsy of

Written by Madalyn Hardig

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