Our Lady of Visitation Changes

Tricia Nagel ’16 & Kenzie Willman ’20

Attention Our Lady of Visitation alumni, recent changes have been made! Some basic things that have been changed include: lunches, teachers, technology, Visi Voices, sports, and uniforms.

Lunches used to cost $2.50, and now they are $5.00 for a large lunch, and $4.50 for a regular. A large lunch consists of extra food, and a regular lunch is normal proportion sized. They no longer have lunch tickets, you pay with regular money instead.

New teachers and teaching positions have changed. Visi still has art teachers, gym teachers, music, and library teachers. On top of those, you have your new technology teacher, a religious education system teacher, and new vice principals every year.

Every student at the beginning of each day, goes and picks up their personal Chrome Books; returning them at the end of the day. Students use the Chrome books to take tests on, and to use online text books. First graders are able to use iPads every day for their learning priorities.

Visi Voices is a new program that started two years ago. Visi Voices is an extracurricular class that consists of a choir. There is a girls choir, and a boys choir. Both choirs go downtown to perform.

Visitation sports have made a transition. The players no longer have the old, worn down uniforms; they now have updated, nicer uniforms. Every sport has combined with Our Lady of Victory because Visitation students aren’t as interested in sports. Visitation team numbers and members have decreased, resulting in this transition.

Nail polish is now allowed to be worn, along with non-religious bracelets and necklaces. (Quick flashback to when you had to go to the nurse’s office or office to take off your nail polish and then return to class.) The boys uniform remains the same.

As you can tell, Visitation has made some minor changes, for the better of the school. Although some alumni are jealous about the nail polish, jewelry, and technology changes, but we are still happy we graduated when we did! Go Vikings!

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