Resolution to the struggle of losing your stylus

Jody Hetzel ’19

DIY Styluses

Everyone HATES having their styluses break or get lost. You are taking notes in class at one moment and then boom, your stylus rips. It’s a struggle when you need a backup stylus but you don’t want to buy a $10 stylus just for it to rip again.

I totally get it. I had cheap $1 stylus for the first day of school and it just decided not to work anymore so I invested in a $12 stylus. Of course, just my luck, it broke and I was left with nothing. I didn’t want to invest in another one, because what if it breaks again? So I decided to look up some styluses on pinterest and I found a diy stylus. I thought hmmmm I can make one for school, and then I don’t have to buy another one. 

Here are some of the diy styluses I found that are easy to make and cheap.

  1. The pencil stylus: Take a wooden pencil, it can be sharpened or not, either way will work. Then take a small-medium piece of aluminum foil and wrap it around the eraser end of the pencil. Lastly make sure that the flat end of the eraser is all covered in aluminum foil.
  2. The sponge stylus: Get a small sponge from the dollar store and a pen of any kind. Cut a piece off of the sponge and put it on the pen end. Add a dab of water just to get some moisture. It will NOT get water on your screen it just has to be barely damp.
  3.  Battery stylus: You can use a AA battery and use the negative end of the battery and it will work perfectly without any other materials.
  4. Metal Pen stylus: If you have metal pen with a flat end, you can use that flat end as stylus and it will work just like soft end but it has to be metal in order to work. FLGTS6KH1YOL7O8.MEDIUM
  5. Q-tip stylus: You will need a q-tip, ballpoint pen, scissors, aluminum foil, and a pipe cleaner just to add decoration. First take all the ink and things out of the pen. Add the pipe cleaner in the pen replacing the ink. Next cut the end of the q-tip off and put it in the end of the pen replacing the tip of the pen. Wrap aluminum foil around the outside of the pen. Lastly put a drop of water on the q-tip.635409382897767279

Now you have 5 different ways to create a cute, easy, and cheap stylus whenever yours breaks or rips!(:  

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